Alex Diaz

Publishing Coordinator

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Dog Person
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Morning Person
I’m a more of a morning person, but honestly I can adapt to being either as long as I get enough sleep!
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Coffee Person
Oh coffee for sure, I grew up having coffee basically since birth!

About Alex Diaz:

Loma Linda, CA

What did you study in college? Where?
Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University.

What was your first concert?
The first concert I ever went to was John Cougar Mellencamp

What are your favorite books?
Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis  & On The Incarnation by St. Athanasius

Myers- Briggs Personality type
I’m an ENFJ just like Martin Luther King Jr.- he’s my historical hero and inspiration!

How many states have you been to?
25 out of the 50 ??

Which countries have you traveled to?
I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, Wales, and Ireland.

Two fun facts about you:

  1. I had been to 22 states and 3 different countries by the time I turned 18, my family lovesto travel!
  2. I did kickboxing for two years when I was a teenager, I got so into it that I started to train to competitively compete.

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